Carbo titanium in Performance Road Cycling by J-emm Road Cycling

Much has been said about the potential offered by composite materials, but there is still much to say and to discover; the very fact that they are “projectable” materials according to specific needs, makes us understand how the limit is dictated only by the current technological knowledge, with a limit not yet assigned. When the […]

Welcome to the official Social media Channels

This coming year will be very special for us at J-emm! We will be approaching new international markets with our brand ambassadors with a new #Bespoke brand identity. Don’t blink you might miss out on the exciting suprises we will have in store for you. Here ate the ‘Official Social Media Channels’ which we will […]

Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari I Did You know?

As well as a fan of Custom Made Italian Cycles, are you a ‘formula 1’ or super bike fan? Did you know that the world famous race track in Imola which is situated in the Province of Bologna, Italy allows you to test your Bespoke Bicycles on their track on Exclusive Bicycle days? Are you […]

The importance of our Internal Quality testing before product consignment

Not only do we care about our Custom Made Italian Bicycles lifespan but we also have at heart the safety of our Future Clients. J-emm is one of the few Italian Bespoke Cycle Manufacturers certified by the most stringent Italian Quality Regulation Bodies. Here is the list of the meticulous tests we do ourselves in […]

Italian Custom Made Innovation Cycling Frames

Buying a ‘Real’ custom made Italian road performance cycle is one of the truly great ways to get your hands on the ultimate Italian bespoke rides. J-emm is positioned in heart of the Pioneering Italian Motor Valley where such brands as Ferrari, Zonda pagani, Lamborghini are proudly housed… and where performance, prestige and speed buzzes […]

Bike Radar – January 22, 2018 6:00am GMT

This ‘lefty’ aero road bike is just the tip of an insane Italian iceberg Jemm bikes makes ‘carbotanium’, honeycomb kevlar frames and more   Have you heard of Jemm (or J-emm) bikes? Yeah, me neither. This Italian custom brand is doing some truly mad things with bikes, including this astonishing 1× aero road bike with […]

New Marketing and Branding I 2019

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