Carbo titanium in Performance Road Cycling by J-emm Road Cycling

Much has been said about the potential offered by composite materials, but there is still much to say and to discover; the very fact that they are “projectable” materials according to specific needs, makes us understand how the limit is dictated only by the current technological knowledge, with a limit not yet assigned. When the composite is made of carbon fiber and titanium, very interesting applications can be created in different product sectors.

Black Carbo-Titanium UNICA 5 on show at the Gorilla Firm – UK

One of these is the industrial one for high performance bespoke racing bicycles. An Italian company, J-emm belonging to Ap Designs based in Novellara in the motor valley, has not only used composites for years in the sports sector but also applied them for the production of bicycles with low, medium and high modulus carbon tubes, and has used from january 2018 a particular blend of carbon fiber and titanium, which has brought further lightening and strength to the frame, thanks to the perfect combination of a rigid material (high modulus carbon) and a tough material such as titanium. This material is Carbo Titanium.

What are the distinctive features of CarboTitanium that J-emm is using, even compared to other “similar” ones?

The thin metallic filament inserted in the weaving of the fibers makes the product unique in its kind. To date there are no similar products on the market in the name, and also of the same aesthetic aspect. The choice of the noble Titanium is dictated to a large extent by its characteristics of resistance, lightness and at the same time stainlessness, even without special treatments, which makes it possible to use it also in various high performance sectors.


What does this new material mean for cyclists, what feedback did the market give back to you?

The cycling market has received this material very well, despite the higher cost. Moreover, it is known that in certain sectors, including cycling, they have always been looking for innovative and high-performance materials. In our case, the captivating aesthetic aspect has led to curiosity, later confirmed by the excellent field tests: The striking example is our UNICA 5. The Carbo Titanium will give us great future satisfactions also for its aesthetic characteristics, which make it “unique” in its kind.

Carbo-Titanio is a composite material, patented and made in Italy. It consists of a set of carbon fibers, woven into thin Titanium filaments and / or other metal wires, arranged vertically and longitudinally, all incorporated in epoxy resin. Carbon fiber is now increasingly used in the case of rapid movements, perhaps subject to strong deformations and consequently also with more or less violent impacts. It is therefore not difficult to find machines that use carbon parts in the most disparate sectors where performance is obviously very important.

In 2019 J-emm is proud to announce to present to it’s customers the new ‘RED’ Carbo Titanium… there are really no suitable words that can describe this gorgeous frame material. So it’s best you contact us to fix a viewing of one of our bespoke frames in your country.

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