Month: December 2018

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This coming year will be very special for us at J-emm! We will be approaching new international markets with our brand ambassadors with a new #Bespoke brand identity.
Don’t blink you might miss out on the exciting suprises we will have in store for you.

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Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari I Did You know?

As well as a fan of Custom Made Italian Cycles, are you a ‘formula 1’ or super bike fan? Did you know that the world famous race track in Imola which is situated in the Province of Bologna, Italy allows you to test your Bespoke Bicycles on their track on Exclusive Bicycle days?

Are you interested in testing a J-emm Bespoke Cycle before committing to your next dream custom made bicycle? Where better than Imola? Contact us now to find out more… Special treatment for special Cyclists. Just catch your next flight to Bologna Airport and we will accompany you on Test day to the IMOLA track with our J-emm demo bikes.

tel. + 39 347 1271745 / +44 791 47232



The importance of our Internal Quality testing before product consignment

Not only do we care about our Custom Made Italian Bicycles lifespan but we also have at heart the safety of our Future Clients. J-emm is one of the few Italian Bespoke Cycle Manufacturers certified by the most stringent Italian Quality Regulation Bodies. Here is the list of the meticulous tests we do ourselves in our small Hub in the heart of the Motor Valley in Reggio Emilia on every Custom made Cycle Performance cycles that leaves our Headquarters:



  • Correct Rear Drop out installation
  • Correct internal cabling
  • Correct Wheel/saddle Alignment
  • Correct Frame bonding (superior section/saddle and others)
  • Correct Wheel/ Rear Triangle Alignment
  • Correct Wheel Passage Alignment
  • Correct Bespoke Sizing
  • Correct Internal Cabling Holes
  • Correct Brake Alignment and Function
  • Correct Seat Post Alignment
  • Correct Frame Weight


  • Correct Drop out Bonding
  • Correct Frame Sanding & Bonding
  • No Cracks or Scratches
  • Verification of the full frame traceability & Labelling
  • Packing in a special packing with the fork packed separately

When each bespoke bike has passed all these quality tests, each Custom made cycle is then authorised to be sent to our final client.

Contact our Sales team now to prepare you, your no-obligation bespoke quote.
Tel. + 39 347 1271745 / + 44 7917747232

Italian Custom Made Innovation Cycling Frames

Custom Made Italian CyclesBuying a ‘Real’ custom made Italian road performance cycle is one of the truly great ways to get your hands on the ultimate Italian bespoke rides. J-emm is positioned in heart of the Pioneering Italian Motor Valley where such brands as Ferrari, Zonda pagani, Lamborghini are proudly housed… and where performance, prestige and speed buzzes in the air!

Custom Angles, Custom innovation tube materials (Carbo-titanium, Honeycomb, Carbo-Ti, !K Carbon Fibre, custom sizing, custom components and creative custom hand painted graphics for your next ‘Italian Dream Ride‘ at a very accessible price… if you consider the unique performance and quality of the expertly created Italian Frame.

There is virtually no Limit to what can be achieved.
Contact us now and speak to our dedicated Export office team
Tel. +39 347 1271745 / +44 0791 7747232